Kevin Blatt Strikes Back! The Notorious pornbroker-cum-tv producer sits up straight!

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Kevin Blatt is an Adult Industry producer best known for the Paris Hilton sex tape spectacle. However, it is the shockwave created by his involvement with the American Cannibal (AC) documentary that has defined his young career. In my view, it was here where “KBizzle” had to truly transform. Now, xactly what form has he taken? I called Kevin to catch up … and to ask him Six or Nine cheeky questions!

KB’s Dubious Legacy Has Worked Out Fine for Paris
Well, I’d like to say, “I love your work” – but that would be redundant wouldn’t it? I mean, who doesn’t love porn? What’s Kevin Blatt’s next project?

KB: My newest projects include my tell all book about life in the adult web between 1996-2009, it chronicles me getting into the business from my days as a salesman for Fortune 100 companies I used to work for, to the Verne Troyer sex tape fiasco.
There is a gratuitous snap of you and Paris Hilton on ure IMDB page. Word is that she likes you about as much as she likes John McCain or Darnell Riley (The guy who extorted cash from her and hog-tied Joe Francis!) – What’s ure current relationship with Ms. Hilton?

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KB: I would have to say Paris Hilton likes me about as much as I enjoy shaving my ass and squatting in a bowl of Beefeater Gin. Look, in my defense if it weren’t for the sex tape that Rick Saloman shot with her she would still be a “nobody”… I personally want to send her a life-size portrait of me that she can hang on her bed room wall- just so she can kiss it nightly and thank me for all of her newfound success in the entertainment business. There is a funny story behind hat picture BTW- I happened to be at (a) Grammys after party at the Beverly Hills Hotel when she walked in very (looking) snooty. My brother said, ” you have to get your picture taken with her!  It’ll be great press if you do!” Well – me being the press whore that I am; I darted over to her knowing full well she had no idea who I am, and played like I was gay and with a lisping accent!  I asked her if I could get my picture taken with her and (told her) that she looked FIERCE! Fierce is the word that worked…only homosexuals and lion trainers use that term. I am happy to say we put our arms around each other and said CHEESE!!! She was so pissed – when she learned afterwards who she took that picture with!! – LOL!

Has Paris Hilton ever deliberately wiggled her tight butt inches from your face? She did it to me once! I haven’t washed my eyeballs since!

KB: I have seen her so many times in person, but I see her parents more. They habit the same sushi place I go to regularly in Beverly Glen. But yes, every time I saw her it was usually after I smelled her smoking some great herb in the roped off areas of the clubs in Hollywood.
Why do you like Snoop Dogg so much? If he wasn’t famous -I think he’d probably jack your car.
KB: Snoop is my DOGG! He played our wildly famous Players Ball in 2001 and we became friendly. I love his style and he loves mine- he is the person who affectionately named me KBIZZLE. He said I was his nizzle fo shizzle for introducing him to Jenna Jameson.

Paris Makes a Young Boy Proud in ‘1 Night n Paris’

(lol) I noticed that my friend, model-designer, Monique Capelta was one of the contestants on American Cannibal, I told her I’d give her a free plug. Did u get to shag her? Did anyone? I have to get some dirt, u know …

KB: ah- You had to throw in the American Cannibal question. Well there is a LOT to that entire story. Most I cannot divulge for I feel it will ruin the artistic integrity of the motion picture. Monique is a very nice girl! I felt bad she got as sick as she did after a night of drinking an debauchery in British New Gambia- never shagged her. But tell her I say hello and I am sorry about the way the show and movie turned out for her.
In addition to Paris sex tape, I heard you were also involved in deals with Kim Kardashian, Colin Ferrell, Jamie Foxx and even Rosie O’Donnell. Is this true?
KB: I was never involved with Jamie Foxx that was David Hans Schmidt and Rosie O’Donnell I had never seen..thank GOD!!!
What’s ure relationship with the AC directors MIke Nigro or Perry Grebin? They have described you as a “sleazy promoter” yet, they have also conceded that their film would mean nothing without your role in it.
KB: They are great friends of mine thanks to working with them for over three years. I speak with Mike a lot- Mike and I grew up in Cleveland and share a lot of common friends. Truth be told, I have nothing but respect for both of them and they had me play up the sleazy promoter part :-))
Are you aware an academic blogger named NathanCallahan has elevated the portent of AC as existentialist brain fodder? He even went so far as to invoke the name of french thinker, Jean Baudrillard! Thats fucking deep.

American Cannibal: the ultimate Spoof of a Hoax of a Spoof ..uh…

KB: _fucking deep is an understatement! Jean Baudrillard is a genius. I am not that kind of genius, but my gf seems to think so.
American Cannibal: the ultimate Spoof of a Hoax of a Spoof ..uh…U got that right. It was more of a MOCUMENTARY in my eyes.
Lastly: Apparently Rick Soloman is a Jewish kid, and ure Jewish – and so is Bernie Madoff, (the Ponzi scheme fellow) Are you ready to just convert to Islam, like Cat Stevens?

KB: Not yet there are too many good Jews out there still- Like Rahm Emmanuel. Let’s see what he can do to help turn this country around with OBAMA! PS Rick is NOT Jewish contrary to popular belief- I know it’s a misleading name and all but after seeing his penis size I thought it was just understood lol!! Besides I don’t think the Hilton’s would allow their daughter to ever date or sleep with a Jew.

American Cannibal (NR)

(Nigro/Grebin, 2008, US) Kevin Blatt, Gil Ripley, Dave Roberts. 90 mins. Buy the DVD!

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